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UC Service GmbH
Shuttle Service

The best way to get from A to B - With our Shuttle Service

Our Service


What we offer:

We offer a Shuttle Service, at Hamburg Airport and in the greater Hamburg area, for people who appreciate great service! We are the Limousine and Shuttle Service U.C. Service GmbH.
A driver can take you or your crew either with a shuttle or a limousine to your preferred destination. We can also come back later and pick you up again.

Not only can you use our Shuttle Service in Hamburg but also throughout northern Germany. Where ever we go, you go!

You can use our service by the hour, by the day or even for a certain route. You can book online, per phone even per fax! We are available to help you around the clock.

Our Vehicles

The best way to get you from A to B

Our Shuttle Cars range from a fully equipped limousine with a laptop and a wi-fi connection included also with air conditioning, to a Shuttle bus which seats 8 people.

Our professionally trained chauffeurs can get you easily and conveniently to your destination, without time loss.

Our updated navigation system ensures that you can successfully reach your destination without detours! You can contact us via our online form, we will answer you as soon as possible!


About us


Let us introduce ourselves

Our company U.C. Shuttle Service GmbH, was founded single handedly in 2001 by chief executive Mr. Ufuk Capaci, in the northern city of Hamburg in Germany.

With the growing expansion of Hamburg Airport, we began to expand too. Now we have 10 highly motivated and well trained employees and 6 vehicles.

Our employees also have an excellent reputation and are both fluent in English and German in word and speech.


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Company management

Chief executive: Mr Ufuk Capaci

U.C. Service GmbH
Oststeinbeker Weg 77
Tel: +49 (0) 40 / 88 16 20 12
Fax: +49 (0) 40 / 88 16 20 54
Mobil: +40 (0) 172 / 51 05 442