Our profession is exclusive Shuttle Service,
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UC Service GmbH
Night Audit Service

Sleep well, while we take care of you - with our Night Audit Service

Our Service

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What we offer:

We work very closely with the Front Desk Manager in order to have the same standards as the hotel does. So following that, our employees know what to expect while working as a Night-Audit as well as you!

The U.C. Service GmbH is also completely responsible for teaching our new employees.

The performance spectrum of our Night-Audit includes all of the reception tasks that happen at night; including: Check-in and Check-out, waiter accounting, booking drinks/food at the bar, Controlling, Statistics, adding/changing reservations, end-of-day accounting, back-ups and list processing, bar shifts and the set-up of the breakfast buffet.

If you would like to hire, just fill out our online form, send us a fax or give us a call! You can contact us 24/7.

Our Facilities

We will take over for you!

We will plan your nights!

To fill a position a night takes a lot of time, effort and money. The interviews, the ads.. it’s all just a lot of work! With us, everything is just that little bit easier! Our Night-Audits from U.C. Service GmbH are completely trustworthy and can take care of your hotel for you. So instead of spending time searching for a new Night-Audit you can use your time to do other important tasks!

We are flexible and transparent!

Our employees are completely trustworthy and are competent in all nightly tasks. We can also fill in at last minute, say if somebody was to suddenly fall ill, we can jump in and cover the shift for you. An easy to understand budget plan with fixed prices make everybody’s job easier!
Our company U.C. Shuttle Service GmbH, was founded single handedly in 2001 by chief executive Mr. Ufuk Capaci, in the northern city of Hamburg in Germany.

With the growing expansion of Hamburg Airport, we have also expanded too. Now we have 10 highly motivated and well trained employees and 6 vehicles.

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About us


We introduce ourself

The company U.C. Service GmbH was founded in 2001, executives from Mr. Ufuk Capaci as a single company in Hamburg.

With the growing importance and the expansion of the Hamburg airport is also the company U.C. Service GmbH in accordance growing up. We now offer a Night-Audit service, founded in 2010, also by Mr. Ufuk Capaci.

Our employees also have an excellent reputation and are both fluent in English and German in word and speech.


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Company management

Chief executive: Mr Ufuk Capaci

U.C. Service GmbH
Oststeinbeker Weg 77
Tel: +49 (0) 40 / 88 16 20 12
Fax: +49 (0) 40 / 88 16 20 54
Mobil: +40 (0) 172 / 51 05 442
E-mail: info@nightaudit-service.de